Thursday, August 19, 2010

Muslims, Mosques, and Manners

Amid all of the unseemly froofraw over the defilement of the hallowed ground of lower Manhattan, moral clarity has been lacking. Until now. Thanks to True Gentleman Adam Shaw of Baltimore, who reminds us of the need for sensitivity and tolerance:

The stated motive of building an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero is to bring Muslims and non-Muslims together, a worthwhile goal. Fostering good relations between different communities requires, above all else, sensitivity, and the ability to see through the eyes of the other.

Some Muslims, by insisting on their “right” to build this mosque where other Muslims killed thousands of Americans, show an astounding level of insensitivity and are thwarting their alleged goal of increasing understanding and harmony.

Adam hits the nail on the head. When one group refuses to have any relations at all with another, the polite thing for the second group to do is to accept it and disappear quietly. A polite government might even lend a helping hand.

Personally, I'm heartened by this insightful display of moderation, which harkens back to the era of civil rights, when, sadly, some Americans stirred up trouble (none having existed before) when they refused to consider and accommodate the sensitivities of their neighbors.

Kudos, Adam. You're a gentleman and a scholar and an inspiration to us all.